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2019 Chief Executive Awards Finalists

eHealth NSW Chief Executive Award for Leadership - Individual

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Winner – Lyn Packer

Director Clinical Applications Services, Service Delivery

Lyn is a strong, decisive and inclusive leader who has successfully guided the Clinical Application Services division through the most significant restructuring across the Service Delivery Directorate.

She has been effective in setting and driving the vision, strategies, goals, and values to achieve the business objectives while maintaining alignment between strategy, internal resources and external environment.

Lyn initiated and undertook a comprehensive review of the roles and functions across her division to better align the team’s capabilities and value chain to drive the effectiveness of Clinical Application Services into the future.

She is highly experienced in the complexities of clinical applications and has been meticulous and strategic in her approach to designing and implementing an effective, dynamic, resilient and high performing team.

Lyn empowers the people around her and is compassionate, supportive and motivating. Her consultative and collaborative approach has proved effective in influencing large and diverse groups of people to get things done.

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Finalist – Kerayof Benjamin

A/Manager Cyber Security Investigations, Service Delivery

Kerayof is an effective, solutions-focussed and collaborative leader. He has the complex task of engaging across NSW Health in the management of cyber security incidents with a focus on ensuring the safety and security of NSW Health systems.

He thrives under pressure and has taken the lead on multiple statewide incidents that have been highly complex and time sensitive with successful outcomes to date.

Kerayof demonstrates thoughtful leadership by his ability to partner with NSW Health agencies on solutions and provide expert advice along the way. His effective communication with customers has led to improved outcomes and faster resolution of cyber incidents.

He has developed a team who are highly focussed and specialised in incident response leading to increased productivity through greater clarity, focus and alignment.

Kerayof championed the development of the ServiceNow Security Incident Module for NSW Health. This will bring improvements to the way security incidents are managed across the state.

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Finalist – Kermiz Irani

Oracle Applications Solution Lead - Payables and Scanning, Service Delivery

Kermiz is an inclusive leader, involving her team, partners and the business in solution design and delivery to achieve the best outcomes.

Her strong leadership skills combined with her deep functional knowledge and domain expertise allow her to generate significant cross organisational collaboration within eHealth NSW and HealthShare NSW and with the Ministry, NSW agencies and other industry partners.

Kermiz’s calmness resonates through her team and her dedication and thoroughness ensures they are well prepared for any situation. She has initiated a process to develop a team vision that aligns with eHealth NSW’s Culture and Strategic Direction which includes guiding principles and areas of focus based on customers, solutions and people.

Kermiz has managed the eHealth NSW delivery of a number of projects including the pilot of the Citibank card and StaffLink iExpenses module (NSW Treasury initiated); transition of Pay As You Go (PAYG) payment processing; performance improvements for Small Business Payments (NSW Treasury requirement); and Centralised Creditor Payments.

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Finalist – Mona Thind

Associate Director Strategy, Investment, Strategy and Architecture Directorate

Mona is a strong leader with effective communication, collaboration, influencing and decision-making skills. She is confident, positive and approachable with a passion to improve the wellbeing and health outcomes for NSW.

Through the Single Digital Patient Record project, a complex and high-profile initiative, Mona has showcased a depth of health knowledge and demonstrated a customer focus in delivering key priorities and balancing the divergent needs of multiple stakeholder groups across NSW Health.

Mona also played a key role in the establishment of the eHealth NSW innovation function, progressing ‘the nine challenges’ and proof of concepts (e.g. Murrumbidgee LHD real time app to support enhanced clinical decision-making) with NSW Health and industry partners.

Mona has integrity and demonstrates authentic leadership. She inspires and motivates staff and colleagues by projecting a shared vision. She supports growth and development opportunities, recognises and appreciates her staff, provides constructive feedback, mentors, leads by example and fosters a sense of belonging.

eHealth NSW Chief Executive Award for Collaboration & Partnerships – Team

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Winner – Information Security Services Team

Service Delivery

Information Security Services (ISS) has undergone and embraced rapid growth in its responsibilities across whole-of-government and NSW Health and ISS teams have implemented improvements to manage the changes.

The NSW Government introduced new cyber security strategies and mandatory policies with strict deadlines for attestations reporting on statewide cyber maturity, risks and critical ICT assets. Furthermore, eHealth NSW continues to transition agencies into its fold, requiring a significant step-up in providing cyber security protection assurances.

The Governance Team has developed procedures and tools to communicate attestation requirements which has improved NSW Health’s cyber maturity rating. The Investigative Team has worked with partners to ensure minimal impact to lift cyber protections for NSW Health. The Advisory Team has bolstered assurance processes in our Privacy Security and Assurance Framework (PSAF) by integrating changes into ServiceNow and the Quality Team has updated our Cyber S.A.F.E. online training modules for the benefit of all NSW Health staff.

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Winner - RIS-PACS Program Team

Program Delivery

eHealth NSW is partnering with 11 participating local health districts and Specialty Networks, vendors and supporting partners to implement a new radiology information systems and picture archiving and communication systems (RIS-PACS) solution that is fit for the future.

RIS-PACS are electronic solutions used by medical imaging departments to track a patient’s journey from an image request to diagnosis. The new solution will provide enhanced diagnostic services with easy and immediate access to images and results, allowing clinicians to make timely decisions regarding patient care.

Through true collaboration and partnership, the RIS-PACS Program Team has successfully completed the procurement phase and has transitioned into design and implementation phases. Future BAU processes have been built in and flexibility and an understanding of each other’s specific needs are core.

The agreed-upon Program benefits underpin the governance which ensures the participating organisations are empowered and driving the solution in partnership with the vendor and eHealth NSW.

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Finalist – Cancer Institute ICT Services Transition Team

Customer Engagement and Service Transitions

eHealth NSW has supported the Cancer Institute NSW (CINSW) in one of its strategic initiatives to transition ICT services from CINSW to a managed service provider – in this case eHealth NSW.

This transition went live on 26 August 2019 following 18 months of careful planning, extensive collaboration and diligent execution from participants and stakeholders across the two organisations.

The CINSW Service Transitions Team within Customer Engagement and Service Transitions successfully led and facilitated this collaboration across Investment, Strategy and Architecture, Program Delivery and Service Delivery directorates.

CINSW and eHealth NSW established an enduring partnership based on mutual respect and understanding for each other’s organisational culture and strategy, as well as the common goal of rationalising ICT services across NSW Health.

CINSW now has a safe, stable and secure ICT environment with increased reliability and performance of infrastructure services. There is also increased organisational capability and capacity within CINSW to provide business and end user support.

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Finalist – Rural Medicines Formulary Project Team

Program Delivery

Six rural local health districts have joined forces with eHealth NSW to collectively implement the Rural Medicines Formulary.

This is a continually updated list of medicines and related information that has undergone a systematic evidence-based evaluation process to achieve appropriate, safe and cost-effective medicines use for rural patients.

The Rural Medicines Formulary promotes the quality use of medicines, fosters best practice in clinical care and has successfully streamlined medicines formulary governance across rural NSW – largely thanks to extensive cross-collaboration between clinicians throughout the network.

Outcomes include equitable access to medicines for all rural patients, reduced unwarranted variation in medicines use, and supporting more effective compliance with medicines management policies and standards.

The Rural Medicines Formulary is approved for use in approximately 150 facilities and is being embedded into the BAU practices of clinicians. Collaborative and transparent practices in forming and applying the formulary have been core to the success of the project.

HealthShare NSW Chief Executive Award for Leadership – Individual

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Winner – Dearne Waters

Manager, Creative Engagement, Workforce

Dearne motivates and inspires staff and stakeholders through the HSNSW and eHealth Expo, the most popular and successful event on the Health calendar. Through her creative control, Expo captures our spirit of collaboration and builds the good name of our organisations.

Dearne helps teams deeply consider their work then supports them to express their creativity. She inspires us all by showing us what we are and what we can be.

She is unceasingly open and considerate under intense pressure, while her solid business skills ensure success.

Over 2000 delegates attend Expo, drawn by her exciting line-up of speakers and activities. Each leaves with renewed vigour and greater knowledge.

Dearne builds faith and pride in our organisations and the services we offer.

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Finalist - Jaymie Ling

Associate Director, Customer Experience

The driving force behind CX across HealthShare NSW, Jaymie believes in “finding the best in people, bringing out creativity, encouraging ownership and supporting other humans in getting after it!”

Jaymie is the product owner for SARA, the ServiceNow customer portal for NSW Health.

He is outcomes driven with a focus on the customer in the digital experience journey.

An inspiring storyteller, he uses thought provoking tales to enhance understanding and prompt staff to think about doing things better for the customer.

Jaymie has ensured the customer portal delivers an innovative, accessible, mobile friendly platform that puts the customer first.

Already a success, the portal will continue to grow, leading to better value patient care and giving customers the gift of time.

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Finalist – Sameena Ahmad

A/Local Tenders & Contracts Manager, Procurement

Sameena led the development of Standard Lite, a new service level to provide a better, more affordable service to customers and to help her team to meet its targets and adhere to procurement policy.

Standard Lite streamlines and standardises activities across the LTC teams in Charlestown and Parramatta for efficiency, harmony and customer benefit.

A motivational and inspiring leader, Sameena worked with the team to identify gaps, improve processes and develop better relationships.

She empowers them by giving them the tools to succeed and opportunities to identify achieve their goals. She ensures they are comfortable respectfully expressing their views.

Sameena engages with other teams to create opportunities for her staff and is always willing to take part in additional, beneficial projects.

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Finalist – Yvonne Lukic

People & Change Lead, My Food Choice, Clinical Support Services

Yvonne is a role model for effective leadership in HealthShare NSW. She is patient, approachable, friendly and engaging in all interactions with her colleagues.

Passionately committed to the effective delivery of My Food Choice, Yvonne can often be found far from home helping staff in remote areas to ensure success.

Yvonne is inspiring and motivating. She leads by example and is respectful, positive, trusting and acts with integrity in everything she does.

She is a highly effective communicator. Her exceptional change management skills help staff enthusiastically embrace new ways of working.

She has a collaborative approach to her work and seeks to learn from others.

She brings customer focus and in-staff in Southern NSW and Murrumbidgee East Sectors.

HealthShare NSW Chief Executive Award for Collaboration & Partnerships – Team

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Winner – Safety Focus Sites

Clinical Governance and Safety

Business Partners from across HSNSW now work in a cohesive team to implement positive and actionable plans to build performance at Safety Focus Sites.

Previously, Safety had been working independently with site managers, who were also engaged with other Business Partners.

In 2019, Safety developed a more structured ‘small focus group’ model to establish a collaborative team with experts from Safety, Quality, HR and RAW, as well as Culture, Health and Wellbeing and Communications.

This collaborative concept provides each site with a single plan to achieve specific goals.

Success can now be measured using positive indicators, driving accountability. Newly established base-lines give managers clarity on what needs to be achieved and how best they can support their team.

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Finalist – Illawara Shoalhaven Food & Patient Support Services

Clinical Support Services

With 20 locations spread across 400kms, local supervisors and managers have turned to digital platforms to ‘visit’ other sites, share information and support their colleagues.

Each local leader showcases their site in a ‘presenting me and my team’ video each month.

Team leaders were initially apprehensive, but soon found that their enthusiasm and their pride in their work and their teams overcame their nerves.

Teams have researched the history of their towns and hospitals and developed new technical and presentation skills.

Hospital and LHD management are excited to share the presentations with hospital staff, promoting the work of FPSS and HSNSW.

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Finalist – Local Tenders & Contracts Team


The team collaborated with three Local Health Districts (LHD) to ensure a steady supply of reliable nurses in remote areas, delivering improved patient care, minimizing risk and achieving significant savings.

Obtaining agency nursing staff is a significant burden for LHDs. When three LHDs were individually going to tender for Agency Nursing Staff Providers, the LTC Team identified an opportunity to partner with them to ensure the implementation of NSW Health endorsed contracts, achieve standardisation across mandatory requirements and make savings through stronger bargaining power and a standardised fee structure.

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