HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW Expo 2018 - International Convention Centre Sydney HealthShare NSW and eHealth NSW Expo - International Convention Centre Sydney

Speaker Lounge schedule

11:10am Event App Sponsor presentation Cisco
11:20am Incident Management Systems (ims+) for a Safer, Stronger Health System
This presentation will describe the partnership approach between CEC, eHealth NSW and WSLHD to design and implement a new incident management system and will also explain the value and benefit to patient safety towards working collaboratively.
Carrie Marr - Chief Executive, Clinical Excellence Commission
Heather Doolan - A/Director Clinical Governance, Western Sydney Local Health District
11:30am Building the HIVE (Healthcare Innovation Venture Enablement)
This session will provide an overview of the HIVE project:
* What is HIVE
* What are the foreseeable benefits of HIVE
* The collaborative approach to developing options for HIVE.
Lea Kirkwood - A/Executive Director, System Transformation Evaluation and Patient Experience, Agency for Clinical Innovation
11:40am Step by Step – toward Supply Chain Traceability
The idea of achieving traceable supply chains is daunting and difficult to imagine for many organisations, it is however a worthy and necessary challenge. See how HealthShare are planning towards tracing steps... our journey towards building and delivering an effective supply chain traceability program.
Sharen Ozcan - Associate Director, Supply Chain Operations, Procurement, HealthShare NSW
11:50am Single Touch Payroll
Single Touch Payroll (STP) is the new and improved real-time digital reporting of employee tax and superannuation information to the Australian Tax Office. The change to STP means that employees can view payment summary information (income statements) and keep track of their year-to-date salary and wage information in ATO online services via a myGov account.
Jarrod Warner - Payroll Officer, Payroll Services, HealthShare NSW
Lynda Simpson - Corporate Applications, Service Delivery, eHealth NSW
12:00pm ServiceNow presentationPlatinum Sponsor
12:10pm AI driven Sepsis detection - Supporting Safer Patient Experience
This presentation explores the goals of a pilot project currently underway in Western Sydney LHD. The pilot couples an IoT technology that will allow NSW Health to efficiently integrate medical device data into the electronic medical record, with an AI driven clinical decision support tool to enable faster identification of sepsis in hospital emergency department waiting rooms.
Lachlan Rudd - Director Data and Analytics, eHealth NSW
12:20pm MyVirtualCare: Scheduled Clinical Consultations
MyVirtualCare is a scheduled telehealth service that supports patient care through video conferencing. This new platform provides clinicians and patients with an experience that mimics a physical consultation.
Ian Schrader - Portfolio Director Infrastructure, eHealth NSW
12:30pm The aspirational future of SARA
SARA, our Search and Request Anything platform is here! SARA is fast becoming the place to go when you need help resolving an issue, need information, need something fixed or have an idea around improving something. Although still learning and growing, SARA will become your personal digital assistant. Please join Grant and Jaymie for a brief look at how SARA came to be and a glimpse into what the future looks like!
Jaymie Ling - Associate Director, Customer Experience, HealthShare NSW
Grant Morgan - ServiceNow Platform Owner, eHealth NSW
12:40pm Towards 2020…PTS and LHDs working together to meet the future needs of our customers
Ensuring Patient Transport Service (PTS) is well placed to meet the future needs of our patients and customers is the aim of the Towards 2020 Program, an ambitious two-year improvement program.
In April 2019, after five years in operation, PTS reviewed its baseline performance and assessed short and long-term opportunities to improve patient safety, experience and flow; increase productivity and ensure financial sustainability. The review identified five areas of improvement.
To implement these improvements, PTS will undertake 15 initiatives over two years. Collaboration with Local Health Districts (LHDs), the largest stakeholder of PTS services, is essential to the success of five of these initiatives:
- Streamlining Transport Across Health Service (STAHS)
- Leverage LHD patient transit lounge
- Develop alternative service delivery models for low acuity D and E class trips
- Continue to work on multi-patient transfer opportunities
- Develop proactive booking management
PTS and Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD are already working to implement these improvement initiatives with all other LHDs expected to follow in the coming year.
Cate Coles - Clinical Operations and Education Manager, HealthShare NSW
Romana de Beer - Booking Hub Manager, HealthShare NSW
Dunko Grubisic - Acting Operational Services Manager, HealthShare NSW
12:50pm Break  
1:00pm Virtual Visit Zone sponsor presentation NTT
1:10pm The Children's Collaborative - The digitalisation of the baby book through engagement with consumers and clinicians
The National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative was established as an initiative of Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy – Safe, Seamless, and Secure. It is led by NSW Health in partnership with the Australian Digital Health Agency and all States and Territories, to implement proof of concepts supporting the creation of a comprehensive longitudinal digital health record. The Collaborative’s aim is to harness the power of technology to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australian children and young people.
Natasha Beach - Program Director, National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative, eHealth NSW
Harry Iles-Mann - Health Consumer Advocate, Speaker and Consultant
1:20pm MIE no longer MIA: Update on the EnableNSW Mechanical In-Exsufflation pilot
The inability to cough out lung secretions is a major cause of morbidity, hospital admissions and mortality in people with a neuromuscular disorder or spinal cord injury. Mechanical In-exsufflation (MIE) devices can assist these people to more effectively clear secretions and to minimise chest wall stiffness.
Working with clinicians from across seven pilot sites, the EnableNSW Clinical Advisors are continuing a pilot to determine the feasibility of introducing paediatric and adult funding criteria for home MIE. The pilot criteria was co-designed with physiotherapists, physicians, nurses, carers and MIE users. To date 39 people have been accepted for the pilot. Final data collection on patient and carer experience, as well as health care utilisation will occur by December 2019.
Prior to commencing home MIE, one hospital admission per year is common among this group of people, with some reporting up to four admissions per year. At the six month mark we are already getting positive reports of improved quality of life or less hospital admissions. Taking into account the cost of the MIE device, we estimate a health saving of over $22,000 with the prevention of each admission.
With broader demand for MIE in NSW becoming clearer, it is expected that information and outcome measures from the pilot will shape future recommendations to seek endorsement for long term funding.
Daniel Flunt - Senior Statewide Clinical Advisor, Home Respiratory Program, EnableNSW, HealthShare NSW
1:30pm Mid-Meal SNACKS - Redesigning Mid-Meal Safety, Nutritional Accuracy and Compliance, Knowledge and Satisfaction
A hot cup of tea and a biscuit can be a creature comfort for patients when they are feeling poorly. However, with the introduction of the nutrition standards and the ever increasing complexity of patients' dietary needs, what was previously a simple tea run has now become a more multifaceted mid-meal service. My Food Choice introduced improvements in the main meal service and now it's time for Mid-Meal SNACKS to do the same for mid-meals. Join us to hear about the journey so far.
Nicola Brownlee - A/Associate Director, Clinical Lead, Clinical Support Services, HealthShare NSW
Dominique Takats - Diet Supervisor, Westmead Hospital, Western Sydney Local Health District
1:40pm Embedding Human Centred Design in eHealth NSW
eHealth NSW is investing in Human-Centred Design (HCD) as a means to ensure that delivered software solutions are easy to use, useful and used. This presentation will review key HCD tools like user observations, prototyping and user testing as performed by eHealth NSW.
Thomas Loveday - Director of Human-Centred Design, eHealth NSW
1:50pm Building a Digital Health Workforce for Tomorrow, Today
This session will discuss the Digital Health Workforce initiative which is bringing together senior representatives from across government, industry, education, peak bodies and research organisations in NSW to work collaboratively on initiatives that will grow, develop and sustain a digital health workforce in NSW.
Petra Milnes - Director, Office of the Chief Executive, Chief Information Officer, eHealth NSW
Andrew Williams - Enterprise Account Executive (Healthcare)
Tamara Lee - Director, Workforce Policy & Development, NSW Ministry of Health

* 2:00pm Finish

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